The Year of MoTV



There were pancakes, and flat circles. Lorelais and Amanthas. 5 years in a hellish island and Maggie Grace. Yellow Kings and Walternates.

It probably wasnt my best year of TV watching(no idea how I’m gauging this) but it was filled with lots of hours sitting in front of my TV, tablet and computer screen. And here is my attempt to rank my top 10 show of 2014.(Either it being new show or shows new to me)

  1. My favorite show of 2014 was FX’s new comedy, You’re the Worst. It was crude, funny and filled my void left by the departure of Happy Endings.
  2. After 2 years on a hellish network i dont watch, i finally corrected my mistake by catching up on the CW’s Arrow. (Honorable mention, The Flash also on the CW)
  3. The first new to me show on the List, Fringe. Spent the good part of the spring/summer months catching up on this sci fi goodie.
  4. And the first of the gone too soon variety, FOX’s way to early cancellation of Surviving Jack, proved again why you can never trust that network(Hello Chicago Code)
  5. Another victim of the Netflix binge machine, Gilmore Girls.  7 full seasons of Lauren Graham. Who can say no?
  6. Just before the Gilmore Girls binge there was the Californication binge. Maggie Grace, Madeline Zima and the many other parade of ladies made the 7 seasons worth watching. Hurrah for nudity.
  7. Amazon Prime finally become useful with it’s the HBO collection. While not quite Band of Brothers, the Pacific held its own in detailing the war on that side of globe.
  8. Prime came in handy again with There all is aching. Review. 3.5 stars
  9. With Doctor Who regenerating a new doctor, i had to find a new BBC show. Broadchurch tried first, but the eventual winner was Sherlock. But the 90 minute shows can be a bit much.
  10. Martin Freeman shows up again, in Fargo. A show i probably should have ranked higher but I literally just remember it’s existence and now I’m too lazy to go back and redo the rankings

What To Watch For

  • Other shows i just remembered that need to be watched, Rectify, Undateable, BoJack Horseman.
  • Shows that were overrated, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black seasons 2.
  • Shows you should continue watching, Justified final season, Shameless season 5, and The Americans season 3(I mean the Keri Russell fun hour please be naked once please)
  • And one final GoodTaylorBye to 2014

Spoilers…………I’ve seen that guy before


“Well is there anything the marine corp taught you that you can continue at Bama Poly?”

“They taught Me how to kill Japs. And I pretty damn good at that”

Maybe we need to check on Tom Hanks. Maybe there’s something not quite firing on all cylinders in there.Maybe we should see something in his desire to kill Japs and Nazis. Maybe there’s something more to this than wanting to honor our greatest generation. Maybe I just finished his most recent installment of WWII and needed something that could pass off has half clever before I pretend to provide commentary on said program.


Besides the obvious differences in setting, The Pacific throws viewers right into the front line and in the trenches. No Boot Camp for the viewers to get to know and love the characters. Because of that, you spend the first few hours trying to figure out who the fuck is who. If not for that, I would put this side by side with Band of Brothers.

While going back and watching this and other shows, I start to notice some familiar faces from other shows popping up. It’s really becoming one my unintended joys from binge watching old shows. Like Anna Torv(Fringe) showing up on The Pacific, Jacob Pitts(Justified). The Wire alums on Fringe like Frank Sobotka and Lt. Daniels as well as Lane Pryce from Mad Men. It’s fun getting to see these guys(and gals) agains.

What to Watch For

Mo’s Summer TV Binge Tour Continues


An unexpected road trip on Mo’s Summer TV Binge tour took us the UK and then south of the Mason-Dixon Line this past couple of weeks. Luckily for me, I brought my passport along for both.

Fish and Chips were on the menu as I hit every stereotype with my first show, Sherlock. The show from across the pond has always been on my list to watch, but a lack of trust in BBC shows had hindered my trip there. But shit changes and here I am, driving on the wrong side of the road and all.

The 90 minute run times per episode threw me off at first. Mostly because it got exhausting trying to binge a couple of episodes at a time. Nonetheless, I push through those overwhelming obstacles to complete the 3 seasons and came out clean on the other side. Basically, solid little show.

After a quick excursion to House land to remind myself that it’s in the running for worse way to end a show in 2013, I grabbed my passport to hit the South, specifically, Georgia. With all my vaccinations in place(suck it Jenny) I sat down for the show I thought initially starred Elizabeth Moss(top of the Lake), but came away massively intrigued at the talents of Abigail Spencer(pictured above).

Spencer in the Georgia sun, in sun dresses. What more can you want?

Next Up? Maybe some Kenny Powers or a trip back to WWII

What to Watch For

My name, is……….

I started writing this entry about 6 nights ago, and you know what, I came up with some of my most inspired thoughts that havent been seen since year 3 of college. Like it was New Republic, Stephen Glass good. But in my usual manner of thinking I could sleep on it and actually remember what I said the next day, those thoughts will never see the light of day. So just imagine this paragraph was really good. Like National Enquirer Good.

Anyways, the summer period is a barren stretch of TV hell. Luckily for us, there’s netflix and amazon to help bridge the gap towards the new fall season where inevitably I’ll fail to latch onto any new shows, thus creating another barren stretch of TV hell.

The Flix was the go to option this week, and Arrow was the selection made. My initial impressions were how eerily similar this felt to another vigilante type show, in Dexter. In fact, the lead characters even looked the same. Especially In the Island Mr. Oliver Queen and Teenager Dexter Morgan(Look it up, I’m lazy).

But that’s not all, there’s the daddy issues, dead and alive, to which our protagonist communicates with. Add on the Code to which their father passed on to them to work by.

But unlike Dexter, Arrow(hello spoilers, sucks for you if you havent watched either show but this is kind of a warning) doesnt shy away from exposing Mr Queens double life to those close to him.

Long story short, I liked the first season. Also Willa Holland. Search that.

What to Watch For

  • Up next on Mo’s totally true World Cup Facts is Group b and others that come to mind.
  • Spanish spoken in Spain is different from spanish spoken in Mexico. True fucking story.
  • It took me longer than it should have to know that Netherlands and Holland are the same country.
  • Chile- I got nothing.
  • Australia- Simpsons did it 

Hash a tag Burgs




I said I didnt want to be a pretentious ass when the reboot happened, but here I am, ready to do a hardcore TV Snob. But really come on, wasnt that just the best of Don, Campbell and Peggy?

Oh you didnt watch it? Well you’re an ass.

Anyways, last Sundays episode led me to this very original thought. A very hitfixish attempt to rank the shows that on their very best day provided with some of the best hour(or half hour) of television that Philo Farnsworth could have envisioned.

  •  Now these happened way less as the series progressed, but Chuck enters my list at number 10. Check out the second half of Season 2 for fine examples. 2.19 is my favorite.
  • The first sitcom on my list goes to the gone too soon, Happy Endings. It started off slow, and ending slow, but it had a great middle. Season 2(there’s a theme here) is some of the best TV I’ve seen.
  • The first HBO show to find its way onto my list is Six Feet Under. A show that showcased the greatness of Peter Krause and the unsoiled, raw version of pre dexter Michael C Hall.
  • There had to be one Aaron Sorkin show on my list, even though he’s an ass, he does produce good TV. West Wing, specifically the S1 cliffhanger and the S2 two parter is 3 great hours of TV. S2 finale is also worth mentioning.
  • Second HBO show on my list is none other The Wire.The opening credits song might have changed but the quality remained the same.(well if we ignored that fifth season which we all agreed to do so)
  • Entering my top 5 is the longest running primetime TV Show(dont fact check please) in The Simpsons. The Conan O’Brien years produced so many great hours of television.
  • You didnt think I’d forget about Don Draper did you? Elisabeth Moss second show Mad Men wasnt always my favorite show, in fact I didnt much care for the first season. Actually, why is it on here? Oh yeah this.
  • Entering the top 3, and it’s back to back AMC shows with Breaking Bad. The show that will win all the awards. If you’ve seen it, then there’s no need for me to butcher it. If you havent, fuck you, check out S3/4 for full awesomeness, bitch.
  • The FX sweep of the top 2 spots begins with the adaptation of Leonard Elmore Raylan Givens short stories in Justified. Bringing back the theme, Season 2 is just must watch for any aspiring TV snob.
  • Of course the number 1 spot was going to the my favorite tv show in The Shield. Just watch it all.
  • Honorable Mentions, Scrubs, Sports Night, Futurama, Louie, and The Americans.

What To Watch For

  • Mo’s Totally True World Cup Facts looks at group C. Shut it I dont need to go in order.
  • Columbia- I’ve watch so much of Pablo Escobar stuff via History Channel and telenovelas
  • Greece- Gyros are greek food right? I like gyros
  • Ivory Coast-  It’s a fucking disgrace that this is all i got
  • Japan- I’ve owned nintendos, snes, gameboys, PS1, Ps2 and PS3s. I like a japan a products.

I’m Not Stupid, I Speak Italian

Scout’s Honor, I had high hopes when I started this blog. Like, I would actually be consistent with the regularity of how often I posted. And for a while there, I was.

Hell the initial design for this was for what I watched on TV(hence the 26 inches[I wasnt talking about my junk). Then along the way sports and boobs took over. And I’m okay with that.

That being said, it’s time to bring this back to its roots by focusing on what’s on my TV. With a twist.

I’m not going to review them or recap them. There are much better options for that. Instead I’ll try to bring you the highlights of what I saw.

Sunday nights equals AMC for me. And that means Mad Men. Boy that nutty Jew Ginsberg finally went off his rocker. He sure did give a whole new meaning to relieving the pressure. Note to self, dont give a lady a nipple.

What to Watch For

  • Mo’s 32 Facts in 32 Days about the World Cup. First up- Host Nation Brazil. True Story, I lost my first ever bet on the ’94 WC. I had Italy winning over Brazil. My Cousin hoodwinked me. Fucking Baggio
  • What you cant watch anymore is new episodes of Community 


2013 in Review. Shut up, I’m not late

The Earth has completed it’s trip around the sun again, as 2013 has come and gone. All we are left with are the memories left embedded on my 26 inch HD TV.(GET IT?!?)

There were some highs, there were some lows. Some cliche, some cliche. Nonetheless it is time to review the best of the best(and worst) to come through my Philo Farnsworth contraption with a very non slideshowey top 5.


Working our way to number 1, here is my number 5 moment of 2013.

Old Faces In New Places.

You watch enough TV programming, eventually you’ll have to deal with the heartbreak of having a TV show and a favorite character saying goodbye. So when you seem them appear on other shows, you jump for joy, to relive one more moment.

2013 was no different, Casey said goodbye to Party Down Catering and decided to get into the science of sex. Lindsay Weir finally returned from her Grateful Dead tour to become Don Draper’s new personal sex toy. And Brad went back to LA, without Jane(boooooo) and to catch back up with Jess and Nick. Coach no Winston.

The Ends and Beginnings

2013 saw the end of FOX Soccer Channel and more importantly the end of Olivia, the end of Hayley, The End of the Sky Sports Babes on US TV.

In it’s place arrived NBC and their every game on TV promise(of course that wouldnt happen for me)

The Returns, The Goodbyes, The Raggedy Man

The fans who waited. 50 years to be exact, and BBC delivered, Tennant and Smith, and BAD WOLF all on screen! I didnt want them to go.

If that was all they gave us it would have been a solid year, but then the Girl Who Waited appeared. All the tears.

How I Met Your Terrible Ending

3 long running series embarked on their final season in 2013. 2 of them went the route of being god awful. How I Met Your Mother and Dexter boldly went with that route. One deciding that their audience is too stupid to grasp the faults of the character. And the other deciding the audience will eat their crap if it’s served with sprinkles.

Seriously, they(dexter) couldnt even come up with an original ending, stealing from The Dark Knight Rises(who drinks coffee outdoors!?!?)

My Baby Blue

The opposite of number 2, Breaking Bad, provided a blueprint to how a well liked and received show should end its run. By writing for what would make a great episode and instead of aiming to predict and please what the fans would want, they produced some of the better hours of Television ever seen on Philos magic box.

What To Watch For